MEGA translation centre in Kefalonia undertakes translations of texts of all kinds (scientific, legal, medical, financial, pharmaceutical, commercial, theses, student projects, certificates, studies etc.) by specialized by branch translators in the following languages and their combinations:
•    English
•    French
•    Spanish
•    German
•    Turkish
•    Romanian
•    Russian

*If you’re interested in other dialects or languages, please contact us.

We undertake transcriptions of all kinds from any material source (CD, DVD, mp3 file, USB flash etc.) and in any language. We type any kind of text, such as thesis, manuscripts, letters and any kind of document in Word, Scan or ppt form.
The transcription process demands years of extensive experience for a correct result, whether it’s the transcription of proceedings or simple conversations. Absolutely respecting the rules of typing, MEGA translation centre guarantees completely faithful transcription and the excellent result of the typed text as far as syntax, spelling, punctuation, paragraphing and font size are concerned. Our collaborators know blind system, monotonic and multitonic.

Responsible and consistent, we abide by confidentiality regarding the context of every text, establishing relationships of trust with our clients.